Sam Baldwin is an Illustrator, cartoonist and Printmaker from Birmingham who currently resides in London. After studying Illustration at Saint Martins he began working at Print Club London where as head printer he created high quality editions for graphic and fine artists. During this time he continued to evolve his professional practice and began making comics. He has released three self published books, prints and other ephemera, taking inspiration from a childhood love of The Beano and the Independent comic scene which gave birth to artists such as Robert Crumb. His love of the comic as an object plays a large part in his work with as much attention on the tactile feel and experience when reading them. Playing on nostalgic elements such as free gifts and advertisement pages within comics, which to him are just as interesting as the strips inside. The knowledge he has gained from printmaking has gone hand in hand with his work, wether using art working skills for reproduction or using the printing process to achieve the right emotional resonance. More recently he has focused on creating original paintings that enable him to tell stories outside of the comic format whilst experimenting with new techniques.